Information accurate as of 28 May 2017.

1. Competition Format

1.1 Please refer to the competition briefing (date to be announced) by Faculty Advisor to the Committee (A/P Lau Geok Theng) about the case release, preparation period, submissions, presentation format, scoring and groupings.

1.2 The group allocation method and all other format details will be as stated at the competition briefing. If there are any issues, details will be decided by the Competition Director and implemented by her or her appointed representatives.

2. Case Preparation

2.1 Case preparation will be done in the hotel room designated by the Competition Director and Operations Director.

2.2 No questions regarding the case will be entertained to ensure fairness and equality. Please make relevant assumptions where necessary. Teams are not to communicate with advisors, ambassadors, committee members, case company or anyone else outside of their team about the case.

2.3 The organising committee will provide technical assistance to the teams if needed. However, no time extension to the specified preparation periods will be granted.

2.4 Each team will be provided with the following to help them prepare for the case:

a) WIFI Internet access at the Hotel
b) 1 x Stationery kit (paper, blue tack, pen, markers)

Any additional supplies beyond the standard kit provided will be at teams’ own expense and are to be facilitated by the ambassadors. This is subject to approval by the Competition Director. 

3. Restriction of Movement and Communication

3.1 Communication and discussion of the case will be restricted to only the 4 team members after the release of the case. Team members cannot interact with their faculty advisors from the time of case release in each case until the end of the finals.

3.2 The use of shared drives and file sharing platforms is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. Syncing of these installed applications must be paused throughout the deliberation period.

3.3 Phone calls made using the hotel telephone are not allowed unless it is directed to the competition operations room (TBA). Mobile phones will be collected and kept by the committee from the time of the first case release until after the Finals Presentations to ensure fairness.

3.4 Participants are not allowed to leave their designated hotel room unless accompanied by a person designated by the Competition Director from the competition operations room during the case preparation period.

3.5 Meals and snacks will be delivered to all case preparation hotel rooms by ambassadors during case preparation period. Some meals are at teams’ own expense, in which case, ambassadors will take orders and collect the money from teams.

3.6 The organising committee and ambassadors reserve the right to enter the team’s hotel room to conduct random checks during the case preparation period.

4. Submission of Deliverables

4.1 Teams must submit the soft copy of their PowerPoint presentation to both the submission email – and the assigned thumbdrive before the indicated submission time. Assigned thumbdrive used will be one of the thumbdrives provided in the goodie bags and it will be checked and labeled during the Competition Briefing session on (date to be announced). Both versions should be the same and will be used for Judges’ Print Outs as well as the Presentation. Late submissions will not be accepted.

4.2 No other materials (soft or hard copy) will be accepted for submission.

4.3 After submission of deliverables, teams will prepare to report to the hotel lobby and carpark to board the bus to case company's premises. All teams are to report at the same time to board the buses.

4.4 Teams will strictly not be allowed to make further changes to the Powerpoint presentation after submission.

5. Presentations

5.1 Presentations must be made in English using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 (or more recent). All communications with the judges including the Question and Answer (Q&A) must be in English.

5.2 Placards, bells and / or hand signals will be used to indicate the remaining time for the presentation and Q&A segment(s) at the respective marks: 5 minutes left / 1 minute left / Time’s up. No further comment should be made when the Time’s up bell is rung. Committee members in-charge of the respective presentation rooms will remind presenting teams and judges about this when they introduce the judges.

5.3 Faculty advisors and observers are allowed to attend any of the presentations but they cannot communicate or interact with any members of any of the teams until the end of the finals.

5.4 ALL observers in the presentation rooms are not allowed to leave the rooms in the middle of any presentation or QnA. Observers in the presentation rooms are only allowed to leave at the end of the entire presentation.

5.5 Faculty advisors and team members must not communicate with the judges and initiate any conversation with them on the presentation day, including dinner, lunch time and overnight until the end of the finals. 

6. Clarifications and Contact Information

6.1 Any concerns with the rules and regulations or competition format are to be directed to the Competition Director, and decisions will only be made by the Competition Director and/or Faculty Advisor to the Competition Committee.

Faculty Advisor to the Competition Committee
A/P Lau Geok Theng –


International Competition Directors

Guo Zhou Hong (Mr.) 
Year 4 Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.), Finance
NUS Business School, National University of Singapore

Yeo Jin Peng (Mr.) 
Year 4 Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.), Accountancy
NUS Business School, National University of Singapore


Competition Operations Room