Home is where the food is

If you are someone who loves eating, you can't not love Singapore. A place that sure lives up to its reputation of being a food heaven, Singapore boasts a wide range of culinary delights that hail from different countries, cultures and chefs that can be found at high end restaurants or hawker centres sprawled out over the island. These are 3 of our favourites off the top of our heads:

1. 328 Katong Laksa (East Coast Road): A dish with Peranakan origin, Laksa has managed to win over the hearts and tummies of Singaporeans both young and old. Laksa is a noodle dish which selling point is its rich gravy that is cooked for long hours with shrimp paste, coconut milk and cockles! There are different renditions of Laksa: Curry, Assam and Sarawak but we strongly recommend the Curry Laksa here if you're up for some more heat (than what Singapore already offers). 

2. Tian Tian Chicken Rice (Maxwell Food Centre): The people of Singapore love our chicken rice so much, if we had a national dish, this would probably be it! Touted as the best chicken rice in Singapore by local foodies with support from American Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain who was quoted as saying "Chicken rice is so delicious and fragrant it can be had on its own!", Tian Tian's chicken rice is absolutely value for money at just $3.50 for a decent portion of tender, oil glazed chicken with rice accompanied by a bowl of flavourful chicken broth. 

3. Barbequed Sambal Stingray (Chomp Chomp Food Centre): A common sight at open air barbeque food stalls in Singapore, Sambal Stingray is made from stingray being marinated in a sambal sauce consisting of chili, shallots, sugar cane and lime juice. The stingray is then wrapped in a banana leaf and grilled for a second time to absorb the fragrance of the leaf. As a finishing touch to this masterpiece, it is served with chopped red onions with fresh calamansi to drizzle over it, a dish best had shared between friends!

This is just the tip of the iceberg of food that Singapore has, but it is most definitely a good place to start!